January 19, 2015 admin AC Maintenance Comments Off on The Maintenance of Air-Conditioning Unit and Choosing the Best Service Provider
Big office companies have their designated staff to look after their ac maintenance. Owners or managers are guaranteed that someone is monitoring and is doing the follow-ups on the schedule. What about the AC in your home? There is no other person to check on it rather than yourself. Reading this article will save you from getting lost on the regular AC check-ups. Upon purchase, you have to be aware of the facts about the maintenance of the air conditioning unit. Buying the best brand does not guarantee it is absolutely maintenance-free. Don’t just let your money and effort be wasted as there are many benefits of a properly maintained AC System.

Cleaning the ac cleaning of many households is being overlooked. They just tend to enjoy the cool temperature not realizing its correct maintenance and use. The more often it is switched on, the more it has to be cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning prevents the growth of fungi and other microbes. Indoor air quality must always be at its best to ensure a healthy respiratory system. Pollutants can be removed by chemical-free disinfectants.

You are spared from the following problems if your AC is regularly cleaned!

Respiratory issues – health is always the primary concern of everyone. Clean ac ducts help prevent allergies and other upper respiratory problems.
Unnecessary expenses on repairs – regular maintenance can prolong the life span of your appliance.
Stressful downtimes of your ac unit – a well-used ac unit is known to bog down during crucial hours especially at night when the household is at home and resting.
Avoid all the worries and choose the service provider with these requirements:

A trusted name in the industry with a known track record of exemplary service
Tested by your friends or relatives
Best services with customer’s inquiries politely answered
Well-trained staff and technicians
Government licensed and authorized
On-time house calls
Follows the certified standards
Safe and proven effective technology
Clean indoor air is healthy air coming from clean AC system.

If you are looking for a top-notch company for the maintenance of the air conditioning unit, look no further than Saniservice. They are a market leader in AC Cleaning & Disinfection since 2009.

Air-conditioning vents covered with dust are not only unsightly, they can create an unhealthy environment for those with asthma, allergies or respiratory issues.

Fortunately, there’s a variety of tools and methods to make sure those vents deliver cool, refreshing bursts of air all summer long.

“Air vents aren’t particularly difficult to clean, but you’d be surprised how neglect can lead to a buildup of dust and grime,” said Dean Croft, president and owner of Automotive Training Centres, a Canadian-based campus that trains and certifies automotive technicians. “In some cases, it may even lead to the growth of mold.”

Inhaling these harmful pollutants can be troublesome for drivers or passengers with allergies and asthma, Croft said.

Croft offers the following tips and suggestions for getting rid of the dust and keeping the air in your cabin fresh and clean:

Use specialized brushes to get deep into the vents. Avoid using brushes with rough bristles, as they can crack or scratch the slats in the vents–or damage interior components. Instead, look for brushes with microfiber bristles, which are specially designed to fit in those narrow spaces.
Don’t have special tools handy? Common household items suffice until you can get to the parts department. Foam paint brushes are inexpensive and can get it between vent slats to remove dust and dirt. The handy cotton swab also works in a pinch. It fits in tight spaces and is softer than using a toothbrush.
Clean and disinfect. Use your preferred cleaning product of disinfectant spray to get rid of grease and dirt.
Steam-clean. In cases where the vents are especially crusty and dirty, steam cleaning might be your best choice. Pass the steamer nozzle over each individual vent and wipe down to dry. Don’t worry if some water gets behind the vents, just turn the fan on full-blast to dry out the moisture.
Use a deodorizer or air-freshener. Add a personal touch to your interior with aromas of citrus, cherry or new car. Some types are designed to hang on the vents and are activated by the flow of air.
A moldy system requires additional cleaning. If mold has infiltrated your ventilation system, an air freshener or deodorizer will only temporarily mask the odor. That musty, moldy smell could originate in the air conditioning system itself. Ask your service technician to check whether the cabin air filter needs to be replaced.