Types of Cleaning Services in Singapore

Cleaning industry is the fastest growing industry in Singapore, and most often than not it’s highly neglected. Cleaners are around us every day and everywhere and we do not notice them sometimes. Making our surroundings cleaner requires more than our daily routines, that’s why we need experts. Professional cleaning services extend more than just the basic janitor cleaning service in our offices, schools or after party cleaning. We take pride in our homes or the environment around us but our priorities do not align with maintaining them and such professional cleaners allow our lives to continue without having to halt.

Cleaning Services

Why seek cleaning services.

Our general knowledge of cleaning is taking out the trash, quick vacuum, stuffing utensils in the washer and dirty laundry
is washing machine. That is just a drop in the ocean. Despite all that pathogens, allergens deeper dirt and dust still remain.

· Reduced spread of disease.
Living disease free lives start from improving the hygiene of our immediate environment. Professional cleaners ensure that first inspect the areas that are breeding grounds to diseases. Carpets, bathroom, office break rooms, children play area, workstations and our natural Environment like gardens and the vegetation around us. A thorough cleaning is required to ensure the viruses do not spread and multiply. Cleaning requires skills since other cleaning products trigger reactions that’s why a professional cleaner will leave the place spotless
without noticing their presence.

· Positive and professional appearance
What will be your first impression if you visited a home and the first thing you notice is a stained carpet, dusty seats and things are out place? The place might be clean according to the owner but it’s displeasing. Successful businesses ensure that
they project a professional appearance to their visitors. A smart, clean and sanitary appearance full of fresh, sweet smelling air leaves the visitor with a subtle impact.

· Higher quality cleaning.
Cleaning requires auxiliary work that’s why even after cleaning we leave cutter accusation in the halls, staircase and waling areas. Once we take out the trash its over contrary to that a professional will take ou the rash and clean the trash bin. Cleaning
like any other job requires the right tool. When it comes to sanitizing the areas around us there is a specific way to do that. Places like kitchens dining areas, break rooms or just places where food is consumed regularly should be sanitized daily.

· Value for money.
Most cleaning companies ensure that they train their employees to handle multiple cleaning jobs. A cleaner will not only do the
routine cleaning but also offer something extra that we don’t have the expertise for. For instance a cleaning schedule ay involve carpet and rug cleaning, tile cleaning and restoration, wall cleaning air duct ad upholstery cleaning. Companies outsource for cleaning services since the overall production is dependent on how safer and work conducive the environment is. Cleaning companies ensure that every cost that a person or a business might have incurred during cleaning is on them.

Cleaning Services

Types of professional cleaning services

Cleaning services can be categorized in into two broad categories; domestic and commercial cleaning services.

· Domestic or residential

Homes and residential places are mostly neglected due to busy schedules. People tend to be shy when seeking professionals to clean their homes. Services include:

  1. Flooring clearing;
    all companies in cleaning industry in Singapore will mop surface floors where one needs to specify the type of floor either hardwood or tiled floored. The next part is the walls. Most companies advise on first inspecting the type of paint on walls to avoid
    leaving patches all over.
  2. Carpet and curtains cleaning.
    Most of the dust accumulate on the carpets and curtains that’s why cleaning companies use detergents that do not cause allergies that’s why is best to disclose such information.
  3. Housekeeping. This option is very sensitive since personal property might be damaged if a cleaner in inexperienced. Washing
    companies offer services like laundry ironing clothes, washing utensils and sanitizing the kitchen as well as making the bed.
  4. Upholstery cleaning.
    This involves deeper cleaning of not only the sofas but mattresses.
  5. Steaming and sanitization.
    Cleaners ensure that they kill bacteria and dust mite by using steaming machines with green chemicals. This extends to tubs scrubbing and disinfection
  6. Perimeter cleaning.
    Besides cleaning inside the house, cleaning companies incorporate cleaning the house and the outside like gardening, mowing, pathways or everything outside the house that a client wishes to be cleaned. This though carries an extra cost. Cleaning Services


Commercial or office ‘cleaning as it is popularly known is quite different from the residential cleaning since of its requirements and specifications.

  1. Floors and work stations.
    Every office must have a safer conducive working environment that’s why floors and work stations need to be sanitized. This may be restrictive since other offices have restricted entrance and may require supervision. Cleaning companies ensure that they do
    not rub shoulders with the employees. Though most cleaning companies prefer automation in cleaning the importance of a trained eye in priceless.
  2. Windows.
    This involves both indoor cleaning but also outside. Cleaner windows not only improve the lighting of an office but the perspective it displays to the external community.
  3. Common areas.
    Places where meetings are held or employees take their meals require periodic cleaning since employee performance is affected by how clean the work place is. Cleaner and conducive common areas improve the overall performance of the employees and also prevent relatable diseases.

Selecting the best cleaning services

Professional cleaners in Singapore offer a wide range of services that’s why we need to look at;

· Qualification and experience.
· Price and terms of service.
· NEA certification.
· Previous reviews.


Balancing our lives sometimes require a little help. Singapore growing, in order to continue growing people need cleaner and safer environments. Cleaning services plays a vital role in the back stage by ensuring the country keeps on going. The so called janitor cleaning service is the cog of the country.